Debt Collection

We believe that to increase your chances of collecting your money, you must act quickly. Accordingly, TLF follows three mechanisms in order to enforce judgments/ arbitration: Execution against goods/assets, Installment orders, and declaring bankrupt under some circumstances.

As there are no any debt collection agencies operating in Libya. Such an agency is not recognized under Libyan Law, TLF teams can be considered a “debt collector”.

Our professionals will work with you to understand your organization, answer all your questions, keep you fully informed of progress and ensure the optimum outcome for your business. We set high standards and pride ourselves on providing an effective, efficient and ethical service. TLF has over 35 years debt recovery experience and satisfied clients include major oil and gas companies , telecom companies in many countries such as the UK, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain and US.

Our teams have reached successful mediation, dispute resolution and installment planning to ensure successful debt recovery.